Student-Centered Teaching

Brief Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy focuses on inclusiveness, engagement, and empowerment.  My classroom is an inclusive space where we build a community through the common goals of learning, growing, and becoming better each day; it is a space where students are engaged through multiple methods, through personally relevant topics, and through enthusiasm; and it is a space where students are empowered to become better learners, to find their love of psychology, and to find their personal voice.

I love engaging students in psychological theory and research by incorporating concepts and topics they find personally interesting.  I also enjoy encouraging students to take a critical eye the information they are consuming, and developing the skills to think "like a social scientist".  While I enjoy focusing on theory and research, I have a background in applied realms.  As such, my teaching and mentoring style aids students find their personal path in psychology, whether that be an applied focus, a research focus, or something entirely different!


Pictured: An instructor exalted his students met a learning objective