Research Interests

Self-Determination Theory
Much of my research is through the theoretical purview of Self-Determination Theory.  As such, many of the topics I research deal with questions pertaining to positive psychological functioning.  Much of the research I conduct looks at intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation, satisfaction of basic psychological needs, and subjective well-being
Goals & Motivation
Goals are inherent to the human experience.  They constitute our daily lives, and are at the very heart of the human condition.  Given the wide expanse of goals, they come in many shapes and sizes in the wild.  We may be striving to be the best friend possible; we may be striving to become proficient at our hobby of baking; and we might even realize that we can satisfy both goals at once by baking for our friends!  I am fascinated by goals and motivation and currently driven by two questions:  why do people pursue the goals they do? 
 and how can we better facilitate goal pursuit?
We all know arrogance when we see it, but can we all agree on what defines it?  Broadly speaking, arrogance is a construct that should be of great interest to Social and Personality Psychologists.  We all experience it…at work, in our social groups, and sometimes even in our own selves, but largely, the field lacks a clear definition and literature on arrogance.  Instead, we often find arrogance relegated to the sidelines while narcissism gets all the attention.  My current research focuses on defining and measuring arrogance through a novel framework; and examining the antecedents to and consequences of this pernicious personality trait.
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